About Us


Hardwood Floor Services believes that timber floors should last for several lifetimes and it is our mission to make sure that your floor will be maintained for maximum longevity. We provide quality service, minimizing disruption and enhancing your floor’s natural beauty and lustre throughout its life-time.  Our range of services includes the following, however if you have a custom need, we are here to help:

Scheduled Deep Cleaning

    Like carpets need regular steam-cleaning, wood floors need to be scheduled for an annual deep clean, scrub and polish. Using the best quality equipment and chemicals, our system works with a chemical solution that penetrates between the cells of the wood and pushes ingrained dirt to the surface.  It works with a powerful scrubbing and vacuum machine which immediately removes all residue.  The result is a new level of clean not seen in timber floor cleaning regimes before.    The process is fast and the floor can be used just one hour after cleaning is complete.  The chemicals are low environmental impact and emit no fumes or irritants.  For more information about the deep clean system click here.

      Routine Oiling and Over-coating

        In addition to an annual deep clean, oiled floors require regular re-application of oil to the surface. This is to replenish the surface-oil that has been absorbed deep within the wood grain, has dried and evaporated or has been washed away during normal wear and cleaning.  Regularly replenishing the oil surface is essential to keeping your floors looking the best they can.

        Varnished floors can also be overcoated after a deep clean when they have become dull with wear. This is an alternative to a sand and seal service that does not reduce the thickness of the boards and will extend the time duration between sanding instances...

        Cleaning and maintenance training 

          The longevity of a floor has a lot to do with how it is used cleaned.  We will visit your home or building and provide training to cleaning staff in the proper care and cleaning of your hardwood floor. Contact us to schedule yours today.

          Floor protection during construction

          If you have an existing floor that needs protection during construction, we supply cardboard rolls that can be laid and taped down to protect the floor.  Order the cardboard directly, or our professional team can deliver, lay and tape it for you.

          Specialist repairs

            Once on site, any small repair work needed can be expertly assessed and addressed by our trained and experienced staff.   In all our infill and repair work, we strive to provide a near invisible join.  Where not possible, the work is undertaken in as aesthetically pleasing a manner as possible.