Bona Deep Clean


After proper daily care of the floor using the right chemicals and cleaning techniques, the best way to extend the life of a floor is to regularly deep clean/ polish the floor in order to minimize the requirement for sand and seal refinishing. We use the Bona Deep Clean System. Developed in Sweden, it is the only system that penetrates between the wood cells in order to force ingrained dirt out the surface.

How does it work?

The system uses a powerful commercial grade chemical solution that penetrates the wood surface and lifts dirt.  The scrubbing machine applies the chemical and vacuums the dirt as it moves across the floor leaving a revitalized timber floor in its wake.

Is it safe?

The chemicals used are Greenguard Children and Schools certified which means it emits no toxic fumes and is safe for use in spaces with the sick or very young and will cause no irritant reactions.  There’s no nasty “paint” smells!

How long will it take?

Our teams are Certified Bona Craftsmen and can clean 90m2 of flooring in one day and the floor can be used after 1 hour of completion.

What types of floors is Bona Deep Clean suitable for?

The Bona Deep Clean System was designed for maintaining timber and engineered wood boards, however it has been successfully used to clean a range of porous floor finishes, including tiles, stone and linoleum.

Won’t it make my floors thinner and shorten the lifespan?

No, our system requires no sanding! The Bona Deep Clean System is designed to maintain your floors reducing the requirement for sand and seal?

 What if the varnish or oil has become worn or scratched?

After a Deep Clean, it is possible to overcoat the floor. This overcoating process revives scratched and dulled surfaces giving a newly finished look and continued protection against wear.

How often should we maintain our floors with Bona Deep Clean?

Each floor should be assessed against the level of traffic and the  purpose of the cleaning, however as a guideline, we suggest the following maintenance programme per usage: