Floor Care

Probably the most common question we hear is: "What is the best way to clean and care for my wooden floor?", it's such an important one that we've dedicated a whole page on our website to providing you with the best tips and advice for the daily, weekly and annual care of your floor.  

Before you start 

Prevention is better than cure! 

Make sure that you have protected your floor from unnecessary and avoidable scratching.  Easy interventions to prevent scratching include:

  • Protective pads on the undersides of your furniture will reduce scratches and dents – be sure to check them annually for ware.
  • Good quality door mats placed at all entrances - clean shoes do much less damage and save time on cleaning.


Selecting a cleaning product:

  • Look for pH-neutral cleaning products that won't strip the finish from the floor.  Many products contain emulsifiers, acids or strong alkalies that can remove the surface treatment while you clean. Even vinegar can have this effect! Have a look at our range of cleaners to find something gentle yet effective.
  • Floor cleaners that contain wax or oils are only suitable for oiled floors and will dull a varnished or polyurethane-finished floor. It can also leave streaks across the surface.


It's all about the Mop:

  • Mops with removable pads can be machine-washed after use for a better clean. Don’t use spaghetti mops, they reapply dirt to the floor spreading it and contributing to build-up.
  • Keep a dedicated wood floor mop. Mops used for tiles will have corrosive tile-cleaner residue that damages wood floor finishes. Use a dedicated mop on your wood floors instead.

Regular Cleaning Schedule:

Daily Cleaning:

Dry Sweep or Vacuum - this removes fine dust off the surface before it can get stuck to your floor surface and it prevents long-term build-up.  If you don't have time to sweep everything, then focus on the main walkways to prevent additional wear to the high-impact areas from fine dust that settles continuously.


Weekly Cleaning:

  1. Vacuum/ sweep the entire surface
  2. Spot clean by spraying concentrated product to marks before wiping.  More stubborn marks can be left for longer (as much as 10 minutes). Never scrub a wood floor – rather call professional cleaning service to remove stubborn marks!
  3. Mix cleaning concentrate with water according to whether you are doing a seasonal (bi-annual) heavy duty clean, or a normal clean and apply with the mop.  Be sure to squeeze the mop out well so that it is just slightly damp and does not leave a pool of water behind.
  4. Machine wash the mop cloth after use.


Scheduled Maintenance:

Although regular cleaning keeps helps to prevent grime build-up, stains and in-grained marks are unavoidable. For the most hygienic clean and a refreshed look, the floor will need a scheduled professional deep clean.  Regular scheduled cleaning will prolong the life of the floor surface and reduce the requirement for sand and seal which, unlike a deep clean service is very disruptive to your space and can make it unusable for as long as a week while finishes dry between coats. Please see our page on Bona Deep Clean for more information.